Executive board

The executive board of PPHS is responsible for making sure that PPHS remains a viable, relevant, and functional student organization that meets the needs of pre-health students at UM-Dearborn. The current executive board is:

President: Lauren Kassab (lkassab@umich.edu)

Vice President: Hanan Nasser (nasserha@umich.edu)

Secretary: Mona Daher (mdaher@umich.edu)

Treasurer: Ahmed Bitar (bitara@umich.edu)

Volunteer Coordinator: Kelsey Griffin (kngriffi@umich.edu)

Medical Chair: Kishan Patel (patelbk@umich.edu)

Medical Chair: Ferdous Nipu (fnipu@umich.edu)

Dental Chair: Abdulhaseeb Jameel (ajameel@umich.edu)

Pharmacy Chair: Jillian Ghaleb (jmghaleb@umich.edu

Public Relations Chair: Hemal Dholakia (hdholakia@umich.edu)

Public Relations Chair: Jinan Nasser (janasser@umich.edu)



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