The Pre-Professional Health Society (PPHS) is the largest, oldest, and most-inclusive pre-health student organization at the University of Michigan – Dearborn. PPHS is here to help any and all pre-health students succeed and reach their goals.

PPHS helps you become the health professional you want to be! 

In doing that, our main goal is to educate pre-professional health students about admission to professional health schools in their fields of choice. We cater to students in a variety of fields – medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, PA, PT, nursing, public health, and more!  We hold tours of professional health schools, invite admissions reps to campus, and bring back successful alumni to reconnect with current members.

PPHS helps bring out your inner leader!

Health professionals are leaders in their fields and in their communities. As a student organization, we aim to assist future professionals in developing their leadership abilities right from the get-go. As leaders and members of an undergraduate student organization like PPHS, you learn to work with faculty, staff, administrators, and your fellow students on a professional level. You also learn to communicate with outside officials and heads of other organizations to network and forge connections within the community.

PPHS helps you become aware of current health issues and opportunities!

There’s always something new to learn in the field of health and medicine. Part of what we do in PPHS is bring you opportunities to learn more about what’s going on in the world of medicine – new treatments, procedures, healthcare, etc. We also help bring you to create your own opportunities and gain experience by informing you about internships, volunteer opportunities, and research programs that you can become involved in.


You know what you want to do and where you want to go in life. PPHS can help you get there.