The executive board of PPHS is responsible for making sure that PPHS remains a viable, relevant, and functional student organization that meets the needs of pre-health students at UM-Dearborn.


The PPHS Executive Board is comprised of a core of executive board members and chair members. The core executive board members are the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Volunteer Coordinator. The chair members are two Medical Chairs, Pharmacy Chair, Dental Chair, PA/PT Chair, and two Public Relations Chairs.


Each member of the executive board must fulfill his or her responsibilities as outlined in the official PPHS constitution. Each chair member is required to hold one event per semester (one in Fall, one in Winter) related to his or her position. Each chair member is the chair of their respective committee. The President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Volunteer Coordinator are the chairs of the Executive Committee.


All official members of PPHS are those who have attended at least 2 meetings and 2 events and have paid their one-time membership fee of $15. Official members are eligible to run for any position on the executive board. Only members who have already held an executive board position in PPHS may run for the position of PPHS President; a candidate that has been inactive as an executive officer for a year or more after their previous position may not run for president. Members of the core executive board may not run for their same position for another term. Chair members may run for their chair position multiple times.


To run for a position, only if you have met the eligibility requirements as stated in the constitution, fill out the application form that is sent out to PPHS members at election time and email your completed application to our adviser, Dr. Mark DeCamp. You must respond to one of the following prompts in one page or less: (1) If you are a general member, describe how your past, active participation in PPHS will influence your prospective goals for the e-board position desired; (2) If you have currently or previously held an executive position, describe how your ability to fulfill your executive role represents a significant indicator to your qualification for the e-board position desired. Applicants must write genuine applications and are not allowed to copy any information from previous applications.


Elections for the PPHS core executive board, as well as the chair positions, are held at the end of the Winter term. The President or the adviser reserve the right to screen applications for any indications of plagiarism (or copying previous applicants), incoherency, or failure to adhere to application guidelines.


Voting for the PPHS core executive board (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Volunteer Coordinator) is open to all official members of PPHS. All applications submitted to Dr. DeCamp will be stripped of identifying information and sent out to the voting membership. After very carefully reading and evaluating each application, you must submit your vote for each position to Dr. DeCamp by the voting deadline; each individual can only vote once. Once voting closes, the votes will be tallied and the core executive board announced. The newly elected president will be given the anonymous chair position applications, and will meet with the newly elected core executive board members to choose the new chair members by unanimous vote.